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J-Team Animal Party 2014

This year to celebrate the last J-Team meeting of 2014 we thought we would like to treat the children to something a little bit different.

We invited Jon from ‘Animals For Parties’ to come along and bring a selection of his insects, reptiles, birds and animals along to show the children and let them handle the animals ‘hands on’.

“This Bearded Dragon wasn’t on my knees when I dropped off for my nap”

“I think the batteries have gone flat in this one”

“What YOU looking at pal ?”

“Oh you wanna closer look do ya ?”

“The packet said just add water and watch it grow”

“Which end’s the head at ?”

“When I lift the snail up - Hey Presto - instant hair gel !!”

“How did I get up here ??”

“ I don’t think Lizard Print shorts go with this jumper !!”

“ I sneezed and a cockroach came out”

“At last, something cute and fluffy”

“Arrgg it moved !!”

“When I said I wanted a scarf for Christmas……”

“Thats a carrot on my jumper - NOT a worm”

“How many times have I told you Jon - Stop using children’s head’s as a roll-on deodarant”

“And if you press down just here - an egg pops out !!”

“Look I’ve got a Kangaroo on my knee”

“What do you mean, it’s not a Kangaroo”

“It’s got 2 big back legs, and it hops - that’s a Kangaroo right”

“Ooh this one’s paying out”

The latest design in quality Swiss watches.

“Where are those heart shaped thought bubbles coming from ??”

The lesser spotted ‘Vicarus Martinus’ - not the best at changing his colour to blend into the background

If you would like to learn more about ‘Animals for parties’ please click this link to go direct to their website

This is my bestest ‘not looking scared at all face, Honest !!

When she un-wrapped her take-away, it wasn’t the Big Mac that the Vicars wife had ordered.

Right then Mr Tortoise, I’m gonna close my eyes & count to 1000, you turn around and hide

It’s one of those new Chinese puzzle snakes.

Never mind Big Mac, I’ll love you anyway.

Then I just give it a tug, say abracadabra, and it turns into a walking stick.   “Just like that”

I hope this isn’t a fire breathing bearded dragon I have sat on my lap.

233, 234, 235, 236, 237, ………

568, 569, 570, 571, 572……………