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Our aim is that every person who walks through the doors of Christ Church would feel loved, and encouraged to be everything God has called them to be.

Our mission is to be a people centred church, striving to offer opportunities for worship, to be a front leader in community activity, and encourage spiritual development; being open in our approach to issues, welcoming of all sections of the community, and to be seen active in seeking solutions to needs.

Christ Church is a place of hospitality; where faith is nurtured, where people can meet and where there is spiritual refreshment.

Christ Church is a place of prayer; where we offer our life, where we offer our concerns and where we find support.

Christ Church is a place of community; where we pray that people may be drawn by hospitality to find friendship, to find care and where to find support.

Worship is a shared activity: an upward relationship with God, and an outward relationship with other people. Worship is not a solitary thing, it works better when it is done with other people.