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A little bit more about our weekly services

Traditional Holy Communion

A Holy Communion service is held every Sunday at Christ Church (see the ‘About Christ Church’ page for months with a fifth Sunday).

The service consists of 5 or 6 hymns, a sermon given by the presiding priest, readings from The Bible, prayers of intercession and the taking of Holy Communion itself. The service usually lasts about 1 hour.

When the time comes for the Eucharist (Holy Communion) the priest in charge will call all the parishioners  to the Lords table, here you will kneel in front of the railing and hold your hands out together, this will let the vicar know that you wish to receive Communion. If you have never been confirmed, or simply wish to receive a prayer of blessing, then keep your arms down by your side, the vicar will then place his hand above your head and give you a prayer of blessing.

When the service is a Said Holy Communion, there are no hymns sung, and the sermon is usually shorter. The service normally lasts about 30 minutes.

Celebrate Together - Family Worship

This is our first Sunday of the month service, tailored around worshiping together as a family.

At this service we really encourage parents to bring children of all ages to Christ Church to have fun through worship. Don’t worry about your children making noise, we don’t. Kid’s can get easily bored, so let them bring in their toys to play with, let them run up and down the aisles, we don’t want them to see church as boring and stuffy.

We sing about 6 or 7 songs, mostly of which will not be in the hymnals but will be on on overhead projector. We ALWAYS do action songs, so be prepared to get those arms swinging and legs bouncing, don’t worry about looking silly, we all look silly, but that’s the fun of it.

Whoever is leading the service will give a shortish light-hearted sermon and prayers will be said.

If you have a birthday in the same month, or something to celebrate, shout it out, you’ll get to take home a goodie bag. The service usually lasts about an hour.

Morning Worship

Morning worship services are a very simple way of joining together in prayer and songs to worship our Lord.

Anybody can lead the service, but it is normally officiated by either Les or Val, who will take us through a programme of about 5 or 6 hymns, a sermon, bible readings and prayers of intercession. The service usually lasts about an hour.


This service is held at 6.00pm in the evening and usually last for about an hour.

The readings and responses are taken from a traditional book of common prayer where a lot of the service is sung including The Lords Prayer, The Magnificat and the Nunc dimittis. A sermon will be given by whoever is leading the service, there are 5 or 6 hymns, Bible readings and prayers of intercession.

Songs of Praise

This service is normally held when there is a fifth Sunday in the month at 6.00pm and usually lasts for about an hour.

This is much more relaxed service when the focus is more on singing hymns than of sermons and speeches. Whoever is taking the service may have already chosen some of the hymns, but that doesn't stop everybody else having a choice of songs to sing as well. Bible readings and prayers of intercession will be said as well.